Sunday, January 30, 2011

Duck Tape Projects

What can we do with a roll of duck tap?


Well, perhaps this!

(picture taken from: here)

That's all i could think of other than fixing household items that were in need of some maintenance. It turns out I'm not the most creative person and there are many who've done so much more with duck tap than i can think of!

A look at what others have created:

It's time i got creative!

As I was browsing through iBooks this morning, I came across a book "Duck Tape Bags" that was free. It's by people from Instructables. Through more research, I've learned from their site that they are a web-based documentation platform where passionate people share what they do and how they do it, and learn from and collaborate with others. I downloaded the book and I'm going to do some creative duck taping myself!

Check back for my update on what I've done.


  1. cool! maybe i should try it out too! such an interesting way to make things! heee! (: nice update!

  2. that looks really cool! i have no idea we can do that with duck tapes :D i do wish to see what you have done!!

  3. haha you're really good at this! this will help to save money and make people recycle man! this is a good idea and techni!

  4. Your blog post is very cool and inspiring. Earlier, I didn't knew that duck tapes can do such amazing things like wallets and bags. Like you, I thought that it can only be for fixing household items and keeping people quiet! It's amazing how things can be recycled this way. Thanks for the post

  5. Interesting how we can use such a simple thing like duct tape to create items like bags and wallets. It's so creative.

  6. totally interesting how we reduce reuse and recycle of our stuff. but it is a waste masking tape. but it will be useful to teach the primary school kids.