Monday, December 6, 2010

Quirky Hobby #2 - Egg Shell Carving

What can we do with eggs?
Sunny side up, boiled, poached, scrambled, coddled, or a fluffy omelette. There are so many ways we can have our eggs served. Eggs can also be dyed red and served during the traditional Chinese celebration of a baby's one month birthday.

For Easter, people decorate eggs as well.

From these we can see that dyeing of eggs is quite common so what else do people do with eggs? Nothing much, right? I thought so too but i was wrong!

I've always thought that egg shells, being so fragile, were useless and can only be cracked and thrown away but look what people can do with them!

What you need:
Container (to empty eggs so it is clean and can be used for food later)

Learn more about dremel tool bits here.

How to carve and egg:
1) Remove contents of egg using an egg blower.
2) Wash well to make sure there is no remaining residue and dry egg.
3) Draw your design lightly with a pencil.
4) Carve the design with a dremel tool.
5) Hold the egg in your non-dominant hand and pierce the shell to remove the pattern.

While trying to master the art of egg carving, be prepared for breakage. When i try this, I am going to have a few of them ready.

Where to get the tools:
Egg blowers can be bought online here and Dremel tools can be purchased from


  1. Interesting! I think this is a very unique hobby and requires alot patience to do so! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This was really interesting. Did not know by just egg shell, can do such a wonderful art :D

  3. You should show us your egg carvings!