Thursday, November 25, 2010

Quirky Hobby #1 - Tree Shaping

What is tree shaping?
Tree shaping uses methods such as grafting and pruning to turn ordinary trees into living sculptures. It is a form of art. Both functional and ornamental objects can be made out of trees. Your limit is your imagination.

What you need:
For a tree to grow, you would need a plot of land. A backyard or a garden perhaps. For those who do not have such spaces, not to worry, try plant shaping instead! (more about plant shaping below) Other than that, you need some tools similar to a gardener and whatever materials which can shape the tree as you want.


Pook in his grown garden chair

Why tree shaping?
As we are experiencing global warming, this would be an interesting hobby to take up and at the same time make the world greener one tree or plant at a time. What's more, if you happen to love nature and have a garden, why buy furniture like this,

when you can make a more unique and special piece yourself? What could represent nature more than a living chair with roots that are still intact! Also, through tree shaping you can create your own designs and because trees are naturally self-renewing and self-strengthening, your design would last for years.

Plant shaping as an alternative
If you do not have a tree to shape, try plant shaping! It's the same concept but with smaller plants that fit in your home.

Learn more
Learn more about tree shaping here, here and here.
Learn more about plant shaping here.


  1. Looking forward to seeing what strange hobbies people have!

    Would you be trying any on your own to share your experience with us, such as plant shaping?

    Do try to incorporate your personal input/experience when possible and share more of your opinions on the hobbies.

    Do reference the info/images.

    Incorporate internal links more meaningfully in the posts.


  2. Cool hobbies! Wondering what would be your next! (:

  3. Wow. This is interesting. I dont think we can plant this kinda trees for our personal hobby though right? :P

  4. This is so interesting!!!! I never knew trees could look like these!!

  5. This is DAMN cool

  6. Hi everyone :)

    I am keeping a look out for a suitable potted plant to try it out. I'm taking my time to find out more before i attempt plant shaping else there would be a dead plant :( Don't really have green fingers. If i do succeed, I will definitely post about it!

    Dreaming Princess~, Wanting & ryansmusic:
    Check back soon! Next up, something we can all try at home!

    Noreen Herman:
    It is possible! In my post, i mentioned that you can try tree shaping out if you have a backyard or garden in your home, if not, there is plant shaping as an alternative. I'm definitely trying this during the holidays if i can find something suitable. Maybe you can too!

  7. This is super cool! I didn’t know there are people who are into such hobby! Indeed a quirky hobby!

  8. The tree seat looks super cool and vintage! I love how it shapes into a crab upon the backside, very cool.

    -Samudaworth Tree Service